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36 Stratagems: "Remover of Obstacles" (NCIS) AU

Title: Remover Of Obstacles
Author: Keenir

Written for: 36 Stratagems.
Prompt: 22.
Shut the door to catch the thief. To capture your enemy, or more generally in fighting wars, to deliver the final blow to your enemy, you must plan prudently if you want to succeed. Do not rush into action. Cut off your enemy's escape routes, and cut off any routes through which outside help can reach them.

Fandoms: NCIS
Characters/Pairings: Michelle Lee, Tony DiNozzo, Jenny Sheppard, Gibbs,
Rating: PG-13
Thanks to my beta, Pygmymuse.

…any remaining errors are entirely my own, made after the beta-reading.

Summary: Anthony DiNozzo, and how he got rid of any potential barrier (or speed bump) to taking down the guy who was holding Agent Lee’s kid hostage.
Tags: 36 stratagems, 36_stratagems, au, dinozzo, ficathon, ficathons, lee, michelle lee, ncis, ncis fanfiction
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