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tonight's Lie To Me - the Pied Piper

crossposted to my lj and to Lie To Me TV.

- you know what scared me in this ep? when Lightman told Foster he saw something he had never seen before.

- see, Ria, this is why its a bad idea to stand too close to people....Loker starts making dissatisfied rumblings, and Foster tears you both a new one.

- Cal Lightman in the psych wing. i believe the phrase is either "are we surprised?" or "i'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner".

- Cask of Amantalato?

- I'm with Zoe and Cal - I thought she said "Hannah".

- my closed captioning is eerily said that Emily said "so...not bloody likely?"

- well of course Rader pays better...Lightman's not paying Loker at all. (unless that changed at some point)
Tags: episode, episode review, lie to me, review
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