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tonight's all-new The Gates


* Holy shite, Leigh, *hugs you*. when she says "I had a boyfriend who ripped my heart out," I had the strong feeling she wasn't being figurative, literary, or metaphorical.

okay, so not likely to be a selkie or kelpie. a frankenstein or a golem, maybe?

* ah, character growth, how interesting you are....Lexie starts off the episode, really not liking the Monohan boy.

but, to get the local succumbus agittated enough to either leave or go after the kid (and thereby leaving the Pack Beta alone), Lexie pursues him personally...

...and seems to end up falling for him. (that or she's an amazing actress)

* Just a hunch, but I suspect there may be a reason (at least in her mind) why Lexie argues so "she's not one of us" so strongly. the reason may be her twin: might a non-Werewolf be responsible for the twin's death? (predation is a prime killer of wolf pups, after all...but then, so is genetics: Lexie may be only half werewolf.

so if she doesn't secure a position in the Pack, Lexie might one day find herself being hunted by the Pack...or shunned by them. (shunning in the Amish sense)
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