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"Vendetta" - tonight's _Warehouse 13_

Once again, H.G.Wells steals the show.

holy.....she asked to be bronzed? I bet that set Myka's brain reeling - how bad would things have to get in Myka's life before Myka asks to be bronzed - a glimpse of a possible personal future?

though I suspect that the new guy we meet at the end of this episode, had something to do with that final bronzing decision.

"it was your time machine." cavorite, time machines; is there anything else we've seen that I missed? (i haven't read all of Wells' works, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen an elephant bird's eggshell onscreen)

also, its good to see these guest stars again. even if only for five minutes.

"Two Mykas!" -Pete.

I'll admit, I thought that a) H.G.Wells wouldn't be affected by the driftwood, as the Titanic sank after she was bronzed... or b) she was about to pull out something that would counteract the freezing.

yay Artie!

I honestly thought that Mrs. Fredericks would intervene - she claimed jurisdiction over Myka and Pete, after all...why not over Todd? (though would Claudia want Todd at the Warehouse day-in and day-out ?)

*evil grin* When Myka and Pete had teslaed the bad guy, I fully expected one of them to say "if we're interupting..." to Artie with H.G. in his arms. aawwwww!
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