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movie: "Ninja's Creed"


Starring Pat Morita, Alexander Wraith, Lalaine, and Gail Kim.

Whatever one thinks regarding the plot (and its twists and turns), the acting was top-notch.

Not sure how to classify Psychological Action? there's not many gunfights or explosions, compared to some movies with "modern ninjas" in them.

at first, I wasn't sure why they were inventing names like "The Skanji Empire" (full of Skanjis), or "King Niaz Abassi II, ruling the Kingdom of Samarza."

...though I thought it was a nice touch that the news reports worked to fit those Himalayan nations into the modern scene. (even a reference to the United Nations)

It also has footage (behind the scenes) of Pat Morita's last day on any set.
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