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ep 2 of this new series:
I'm really wondering what Dean's told Lisa and Ben...particularly with Ben holding the gun and wanting to learn how to be a Hunter (kid, saying that Dean was doing it when he was your age, is not a good thing).

I mean I know he's talked to Lisa about it, but I suppose its an open question(?) just how much of it he's shared.


I'm hoping their family arrangement is stable (or reverts to the stability Dean had for a year)


definately not liking the feeling I'm getting: that Sam and Samuel only want Dean for his Hunting ability (or for another, more nefarious reason)

last time there were secrets and lies, Sam started drinking demon blood. this time around, its Dean on the short end of the stick.


interesting how it turned out to be a family matter...and not just the Winchesters and Cambells.

Kinda disappointed that they've already forgotten the first episode of this season....what with the Jinn saying they were getting revenge for Dean killing their dad. (read: killing the father of one type of being that Hunters call monsters)

the preview for next week, though, isn't as outlandish as it might seem:
Something has been stolen from Heaven - Cass says so.
now, given that last season, there were angels being murdered, theft isn't so hard to swallow

based on one of the glimpses we see of the weapon's effects, I'm going to guess that this is what turned Lot's wife to salt.
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