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Covert Affairs: "Hefty considerations"

Name: Keenir

Show: Covert Affairs
Story Title: Hefty considerations.
Character/Relationships: Liza Hearn, Henry Wilcox.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: mentions past CIA involvements; a Wartime MI6 case; Firefly quote.

note: I know we're supposed to be rated based on spelling and such, but I can't help but wonder if i got negative votes because of who are in this fic.


“What do you say?” Wilcox asked her.

Liza was experienced enough at this game that she gave nothing away. And it was with that neutral expression that she considered how best to tell the ex-Director of the CIA where he could stick his offer.

We had begun with him as anonymous to me as to anyone else, leaving me drips and drabs of information, hints and suggestions. Then he graduated to names and leads, and which pointed questions to ask for maximum effect – which did take the fun out of it for me.

Then he revealed himself. The man whose actions killed more than just my uncles in Cambodia and Vietnam, more than just my classmates in Iraq. His secrecy is a living thing that demands sacrifices.

That was the reason why Liza was about to say no.

But then her conscious pointed out that political winds can topple anything if they grow strong enough – look at Iran-Contra. And if Arthur Cambell, the current CIA Director, fell from his post, Wilcox has enough sway to be returned to his old job.

Not if I have a say in this, Liza thought to herself, already planning ahead.

This would all blow up in his face as surely as Venlo had in 1939. All but the bad guys had permanent damage done to their reputations at the end of it. And if I need to be seen as evil in order to keep the likes of Henry Wilcox out of the CIA, then let’s be bad guys.

That was why Liza smiled and said, “If you’re offering, I’d be a fool to turn away your expertise,” while thinking, You may give Cambell a bloody nose, but by the time I’m through, you won’t be able to get a job higher than coffeemaker.

Tags: covert affairs, covert affairs fanfiction, liza hearn
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