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Bourne drabble: "what I want" (Nikki's POV) PG

Title: What I Want.
Fandom: the Bourne trilogy of films.
Rating: PG
Nikki's POV.
Word count: 106.
Spoilers: The Bourne Ultimatum…and teeny-tiny spoilers for the first two movies.

Coda to The Bourne Ultimatum.
Short Summary: Nikki’s thoughts in a scene that could happen shortly(ish) after the end of the third movie.

Author’s note: I really hope there’s a fourth movie.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters. I only own this drabble, and I am making no money from writing or posting it.

I’m being told, information being shared freely and gladly with me, “I told him ‘Jason Bourne is dead’.”

That may be, or it might be wishful thinking...the death of Jason Bourne doesn’t bring back David matter how much I’ve regretted what I did those years ago – telling you about my boss: Treadstone. I atoned by keeping hush, by not spoiling your happiness with Marie or your vengeance, with the news that we were once together.

Now, now that you know we have a past together, I leave it in your hands.

Just know this: Whether you’re David or Jason or anyone else, I want you.
The End
Tags: bourne, bourne fanfiction, bourne trilogy, bourne ultimatum, bourne/parson, drabble, nikki
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