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_Marry Me_, or how another tv movie breaks my brain

Actress Lucy Liu is the lead star in the tv movie Marry Me.

Her character, Rae Ann Carter, goes from dumping one boyfriend, to having three men propose marriage to her*. It's the reaction to that, which hurts my mind.

* = this is on the cable box's information bar; not an exact quote, granted.

Canidate #1: Adam. The ex-boyfriend. Photographer. Wanted to settle down with Rae in a nice-sized place where they would have plenty of room for each of them to do their respective artwork. Unfortunately, he also said "i got the grant to photograph frogs around the world" before saying "will you marry me?" (if he'd reversed the order, she might have gone with him as his wife). Is not afraid to apologize.

Canidate #2: Luke. The nephew of her family's minister. Likes to show off everything he's done {see below, regarding accomplishments} and doesn't like making plans (for a future or an afternoon) with Rae. He doesn't realize Rae has artistic talent can draw, until after she's gone off to London.

Canidate #3: Harry. Luke's best friend. Richer than God. Does whatever Rae asks. When she wants to see the world, he lets her use his private plane. Introduces Rae to the owner of a publishing company in need of quality illustrators.

Now, even with as little screentime as they got, we can picture what sort of life Rae would have with #s 1 and 3. With Harry, Rae could be a full-time illustrator and global traveler. With Adam, she could be an artist, a photographer, maybe even become a naturalist.
(when I watch them, I get the same feeling I got when I read Bonobo Handshakes by Vanessa Woods - and that marriage turned out well)

With Luke, on the other hand, I don't know...maybe it was his urgency to get married - particularly when he said things that suggested he was on a deadline. (why "in a month" or "thirty days" pal?)

Yes, I will grant that Rae's right when she said "Luke was there when I needed someone"...but then again, Luke was rarely anywhere else. (he seems to be living well on royalty checks from all the restaurants he designed*). Doesn't that qualify as clingy?

* = that was the difference between Luke and Harry - Luke would design something, while Harry would buy it. That and Luke talks about something called "the guy code".

All in all, this was a great movie. And not purely because it had Lucy Liu in it.
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