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Some things make no sense to me.

In NUMB3RS fandom, a much-loved community closed its doors when the mod felt it was time to do so. There was much weeping and tearing of shirts, but we all accepted it and wished the mod well.

When we heard there was a new comm, there was panic - there were cries from many (on many occassions, from many people) that the new comm should not be tooo similar to the old comm.

Those requests were listened to.

And now the panicked cries are that the new comm is too different.
(when I asked if they had talked to the new comm's moderator, i don't recall an answer)

and my parents wonder why I borrowed so many books on how early homonids developed bipedalism and language. :)

In summary, please sign up for N3teamchallenge. You'll be glad you did.

ps: the smiley is a really is cold here in the South.
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