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Battlestar Galactica: Razor (spoilers)

Further insights into what made Cain and her crew tick.

I can't help but wonder what separates the "evolutionary dead end" that the Hybrid is, from the Sixes, Threes, and the others.

I very much doubt we've seen the last of Kendra Shaw. (even if its only in flashbacks)

Thinking about the Cylons in this episode, I started to wonder...

Is there a connection between the Cylon Centurions and the Cylon human-forms?

I ask because we've all seen how sleek and retractable the main-series Centurions are - able to draw back their fingers to extend their guns from either wrist...

...compared with the Centurions defending the Hybrid - these Centurions seem to be partly in the pre-First Cylon War era, partly in the main-series.

Coincidence, or deliberate?
Tags: battlestar galactica: razor, review, spoilers
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