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Time travel and reasons on SPN tonight

First is first: it's good to see Ellen again!

Tonight's episode made about as much sense as What if they gave a peace.

So, in the end, Castiel made what happened happen so...
* Fate would be angry at him, and would think that the Winchesters are more important than 50,000 people.

* Winchesters feel obligated to Cas (for saving them over the 50,000), and are reinforced in the idea that Castiel is the only one on their side and Cas is The Good Guy, and that Fate must be destroyed.

* Fate would think Cas is backing down from a confrontation with her (with Her?) over issues like weapons-grade souls.

One final question from me:
Fate made the comparison between bringing thousands of souls into existance, to printing extra money.

Now, up til now, I've assumed that the events in Heaven (between the forces of Cas and Raf) were keeping it in-house, so to speak (not asking any other pantheons for weapons, heros, monsters, etc)....because, I thought, the first side to do so, loses any high ground they might have won.

Now, I'm not so sure. Hell, Cas got the Weapons Of God last week - what's he planning on buying with these souls?

hopefully these issues will be addressed and handled well, and not forgotten by next week.
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