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news about _Terra Nova_ tv series


Dr. Horner's back on board? No T.rex!

------------from the DML:

I'm not sure how much of this is old news for folks on the list, but I guess Jack Horner is (once again) the consultant. According to the interview with Brannon Braga (executive producer) the show is aiming to recreate a Cretaceous ecosystem, and the team is actually trying to steer clear of _T.rex_ for a while due to the iconic nature of the animal. All of that sounds admirable. However, on the flip side of this he also said the following:

__"Describing that newly created dinosaur, Braga said, 'It's called an acceraptor, which means 'to slash' in Latin. And they're called 'slashers' as a nickname, because they've got these tails with razor sharp tail blades that they whip at you that can slice you in half. It'sa kind of dinosaur that we've just never seen and is really frightening.'"__

Between that and statements like this: "I liked monsters and then when I found out that there really were monsters, I was hooked.," my hopes for the show have steadily plummeted.

It will be interesting to see if the show can survive past one season (especially if its on Fox).

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