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tonight's SPN

The cable tv description of tonight's episode said Sam and Dean are tortured when Eve turns their mother into a demon.

Fortunately, it was better than that.

I missed an ep or two, and the first half of this Eve supposed to be a demon or a god, or the Biblical Eve?

* raise your hand if, seeing the kids in jail, you thought they were involved somehow.

* beta-testing. well, its a good answer. not good for the guys in the tests, granted.

* when Eve said she was perfectly happy with the Natural Order, and the guys asked "what changed?"...I honestly thought she was going to say "you two."

finally, a foe who doesn't blame everything on the Winchesters.

* you have got to be kidding me - the Mother of All Monsters is dead? doesn't that kinda defeat the whole idea of phoenix ashes? (given that the phoenix was great at coming back to life)

though if it weren't for the fact that the mouth is full of blood vessels, I would have called foul at Dean's method of poisoning his blood.

* "I'm an angel, I'll find him." -Castiel. laying it a little think, are we?

* Crowley's not only not dead...he's working with Castiel, "cleaning up your messes" as he said to Cass.
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