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spoilers for the ending of Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau

HUGS! Need hugs! Must have hugs!

* that's both in reaction to the preview for this week, and my thought at the ep's end - slashers and hetshippers and friendshippers will all have oodles of fun making icons of Danny hugging everyone.

* Rachel and Stan are on the rocks? and here I thought I was imagining things & getting worried over nothing, back when Danny rode in to the rescue when Rachel&Stan's home was invaded, and when the same home had to be used to keep an eye on criminals prepping for a marathon.

I fear. I have fear about this.

this may in fact be an optimistic Best Case Scenario: Haves and have not.

as to next week...did anyone else think of the original Hawaii Five-0's episode The 90-Second War (it was just on tv today and last Friday - multiple Steves)
Tags: danny, episode, episode review, gen, grace, hawaii 5-0, hawaii five-0, het, rachel, review, slash
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