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the opening scene:
* what I heard was "Stan's coming home tomorrow night. We have to tell him." what the Closed Captions typed was "Stan's coming home tomorrow night. I have to tell him."

I'm still pissed about that development, btw.

* Chin was offered the rank of Lt. in the HPD, and he turned it down in favor of the Five-0.

* the money (stolen by McGarrett and burned in front of him and Kono) shows up, having been found by HPD.

* McGarrett thinks Hills (the Governor's aide, portrayed by Kelly Hu) is sexting Chin with her eyes.

* the skeleton key doesn't open anything McGarrett thinks his dad owned - it opens a piece of furniture from the 1800s.

* the Governor tells Hills to make the first move on Chin.


(in my mind, she's now an Immortal. or she wasn't in the car when it blew up - think Leverage)
the second part:

* so, they're willing to admit that it Wo Fat could have gone after any one of the Five-0 team...yet not even McGarrett connects that with how he told Chin that its obvious that Laura Hills has feelings for Chin?

* "This is your heaven." :)

* "Who did you sell it to?" "Steve McGarrett!"

"Who told you to say that name?"

well if the guy said "hi, I'm Steve McGarrett", what's O'Riley going to do?...say "I'm sorry sir, but that name's not Asian enough?"


* ah, the tactic of, if he doesn't care what happens to him, he'll care what happens to his family.

part 3:
* well of course the guy's cooperating with you - you just told him that if he tells you what you don't want to hear, you'll have his brother thrown out of the military & his family turned into pariahs.

* very clever...make him so grateful that you're backing him, that he never asks who's backing you.

part four:
* Rachel's pregnant? what was your plan, woman?, to get back together with Stan & tell him that the baby is his?

* escaping arrest, McGarrett? you're on an island - has that fact escaped you?

* Danny, good lord, you do not tell Kono in front of HPD officers "do not say anything." because now they're going to ask her why you told her that.

final part:
* Kono, did I or did I not ask you to stay out of sight on that op?

* one certainly hopes the cell phone was transmitting to somewhere - otherwise, all the confession is gone.

* Bye, Grace. have fun, Monkey.

* though the ending has ...well, it finally hits home for McGarrett, based on the look on his face.

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