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ep reviews for finales of Mentalist & NIKITA


* so that's Oversight, huh?

* Percy had to worry about traitors before...but now, at the end of the episode, who is left? who can he give orders to?

* nice with the cutting rope, Alex. very symbolic. also slightly lunatic of you, given that you are on the top of a burning building.

* "I own this place." then why didn't you isolate Percy's office from the outside world? (Nikita can send you the bill for the windows, right, Birkhoff?) ;)

* so...the next season of Nikita will feature them putting right what once went wrong? (in the immortal words of Quantum Leap - though that would be a surreal crossover)

* all summed up, my thoughts as the credits rolled: "I believe the word for their collective situation now, is multi-polar, as opposed to the Cold War situation Nikita had with Division (her vs them, two sides)"

The Mentalist

I like what Cho's been doing lately (the writers are finally letting him smile and make faces, last week and this week)

* example number one, last week when the kid pulled a fast one on Rigsby.

* example number two, this week when Cho sees Lisbon in a bridesmaid's dress.

* so much of Patrick Jane's life has {understandably} revolved around the pursuit of Red John...what does he do now that Red John is dead?

* also, what happens to the connections and networks that Red John had? they're still there.

* poor Grace...can't trust any blokes these days, can you?

* though I think she was smiling a bit when Lisbon caught her thank-you kissing Rigsby.
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