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Falling Skies - this fall on TNT

Everything that follows from here - in this post - is either from a commercial (and marked thusly), or my own speculation.
Good News: It stars two great actors:
Moon Bloodgood (previously seen in Journeyman, in Terminator Salvation, in Daybreak, and in Burn Notice)
Noah Wylie (previously seen in E.R. and in The Librarian movies)
And then there's the parts that make me argue with myself:

#1. 90% of humans are gone.

Now, I don't know if any humans taken for resettlement or other purposes, are part of the 90% or the 10%

But the ads try to give the impression that, because 90% are gone, human civilization is gone...and both Mr. Wylie and Mrs. Bloodgood ask the viewer who are you when everything has been taken from you? and if the survivors are (asked/tasked) with creating the new civilization, what would you do?

Well, on one hand, I like to think I would find something to do to help, I'm also realist enough to know that I probably wouldn't have lasted the initial 6 months without civilization.

that said...this is not the end of the world, just because you're down to 10% of your original population, guys. try to picture how many groups worldwide would have given their eyeteeth to have as many as 10% of their original numbers surviving.

I think on Easter Island, it was down to 1-5%. For the Tasmanians...

Random number, TNT Channel?

#2. In an interview on TNT, Mr. Wylie says that mankind is devastated after an invasion by an alien - culture.

Now that could mean one of three things:
a) the writers are finally recognizing that an alien species/civilization is not going to be a monolithic bloc.
b) the writers are going to get heavy-handed with analogies about how Eurabia is just around the corner and the immigrants are going to outbreed us and kill us all. (as a descendant of one of those immigrant waves, I'd like to point out the new waves are no more likely to kill than mine were)
c) random word choice by an actor.

I'm betting on a or c. even if its not the writers' intent, its bad enough pundits will likely seize on it as an analogy.
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