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Meta: Kono's agency?

pretty sure its an example of Agency. if its something else, I apologize, and wish to redirect the question to matters of what it is.

I'll be using Hawaii Five-0 as my example. specifically, Kono.

roughly mid-series, Kono stood lookout, while Danny and Steve robbed the HPD Assett Forfeiture Locker in order to have enough money to save Chin's life. while standing as lookout, an elderly woman came up to Kono and asked her a few questions. At the time, Kono was taking part willingly.

fast-forwards to the season finale, where Kono is arrested because that same elderly woman is now serving as a witness who can place Kono there at the time of the robbery. meanwhile, Steve is being arrested as a suspect in the murder of the Governor.

my question is this: if Steve can convince HPD that he forced (or coerced or tricked or something) Kono into being a lookout for him in the robbery, is that a good thing?

I mean in terms of framing Kono's role as her having no say, no choice in the matter. that's her Agency, right?
Tags: agency, hawaii 5-0, hawaii five-0, kono, kono kalakaua, meta, question, questions, stargate: universe fanfiction
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