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Thoughts on 'X-Men: First Class'

I'm going to start my review with an observation that I've noticed online: it seems I'm not the only one who thinks Charles Xavier's line that "they are innocent soldiers who are just following orders" is most definately not the best way to convince Erik to not rain the missiles down on the ships.

* rather curious how Charles explained to his parents that he now has a sister. :)

* not surprised that the Nazis told young Erik that he would have to use his power to save his mother. (though in my mind, I've always envisioned it as them going "do what we want, boy, and your family lives"...all the way back to the first X-Men film: Marie is I)

* I was also puzzled by how Maura McTaggert was going everywhere the team went -- for those who wonder why the X-Men don't have non-mutants in the team, this may be why. (her primary purpose seems to have been so Charles would have someone to talk to)

* so Mystique's blood enhances mutations, eh? sort of the anti-Rogue, then.

* so Erik was tortured and tormented by Shaw, culminating in the Magneto we know...I wonder if we can speculate about what X-Men's "utilization" of Rogue by Magneto will result in - second verse same as the first, to quote a song?

* so the founding members of the Brotherhood...are Erik, Raven - and a small band of mutants who were trained by the man who had tortured Erik. yes, I do imagine Erik has nights where he expects to be killed in his sleep. (can we say doubts as to the loyalty of guys who jump ship?)

* yes I skipped one in my prior thought - that's because I don't know what to make of her. when Shaw stormed the CIA compound and asked who was with him, I thought she was going with them so she could attack Shaw or Shaw's forces later on. nope; I was wrong...and then she gets hit by Summers' body laser - and she suffers no damage (aside from falling onto the beach, which had to hurt)

* every so often, I'd repeat the question: "if Magneto's group call themselves the Brotherhood, what do Professor X's group call themselves?" ("x-men" doesn't really sound united; outside of the context of films and magazines)

* why does Magneto's helmet, at the very end of the film, need devil horns? just in case we didn't get the memo that he's the bad guy? *rolls eyes*
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