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n3 remix drabble: "brah!"

Title: Brah!
(faint-remix of Sororcula's "uncovered")

Pairing: :D
Summary: getting ready in a van, leads to Colby being shocked by a relevation.
Disclaimer: none of them are mine!


"I don't see why you're so worried about a little hiking," Colby said as they finished getting ready in the van.

"These are mountains, Idaho," Nikki said.

"You're confusing me with David."

"No, New York's not flat."


"Look at it this way - we catch the artifact smugglers here, they lead us to the people smugglers," that we're working with ICE to catch, "and they lead us to the terrorists."

"You don't have to spell it out for me like I'm one of your dates," Nikki said. "Speaking of which, who have you been going out with lately?"

Granger refused to talk about it - citing privacy.

"You two almost ready?" Alice asked, poking her head in.

"'Bout there," Nikki said.

"Yeah," Colby said to Alice, who smiled and ducked away.

Nikki saw the smiley happy face Colby had on, and, "No," Nikki said. "No."

"What?" Colby asked, slowly turning his head back.

"There is no way in hell I'm letting you become my brother-in-law."

It was interesting for Nikki to watch as that statement sank through Colby's skull, and he looked wide-eyed at her, twisted around to look where Alice had been, and back and forth.

the end
Tags: alice, alice chen, colby granger, colby/alice, drabble, nikki, nikki bettancourt, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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