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review of Transformers 3

* Better than the first two Transformers movies.

* there's a long stretch of nothing much happening & angstiness following the post-Nixon bedroom scene.

* there are times one wonders "where's SKYNET when you really need it?"

* I rolled my eyes at Optimus Prime's voiceover narration...he says the Autobots fight for freedom...but all three films in the series, emphasize that only a Prime can lead. so is it like the US during WW1? (they fought for freedom, but if you were part of certain communities, your rights could easily be SOL)

* No overt racial profiling this time - one Decepticon had dreadlocks, but that was about it. (and one looked like it was trying to be the Predator)

* It raised an interesting question: if your world is dying, and you can go to another world, do you take their resources to save your people? Granted, based on shows and films like Avatar, the answer is yes...which would mean the Autobots are Jake Sully - and I did *not* need that mental image.

* In the book novelization of this movie, the Autobots do more than just the attack on Iran and investigate what the Soviets did to the Ukraine: the Autobots do help to keep the peace on Earth...but all the examples are of actions being taken against countries the USA has a problem with - (as far as I recall) the Autobots aren't sent to Israel, Saudi Arabia, or even to liberate the Marianas.

So its not really surprising that, when the UN had to vote on what to do about the Autobots, the US washed its hands of the Autobots...and nobody seemed to vote in the Autobots' favor - the old saying "you made your bed, you sleep in it" came to mind.

* Question: who's going to be The Big Bad Enemy in Transformers 4? the Dinobots? (either created then, or rising up from deep within the Earth). the Insecticons, leaving a period of intense isolation on Java or wherever they were? the Quintessons, come to re-establish their claim on mechanical life? Starscream, now that Megatron and Soundwave are gone?
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