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Falling Skies drabble: "Mental jogging on the edge of sleep"

Summary: On the edge of sleep, Anne may know why the Skitters came to Earth.
Title: Mental jogging on the edge of sleep.

fandom: Falling Skies.
character: Anne Glass.

spoilers for recent eps of FALLING SKIES (nothing you wouldn't see in the "previously on" segment)
note: slight confession: the title was formed when there was more leg movement in the early draft. then I pared it down so it felt like a smoother read to me.


Anne Glass used to sleep so well. Back before the Skitters turned the world upside-down and inside-out. Back before a Skitter had spoken through the mouth of a child.

The boy's words echoed in her mind, sparking connection after connection. His relayed words were simple: "Kill me." What it summoned in her thoughts were not so simple:

Isaac Asimov once wrote that, once any species develops and keeps the capacity for spaceflight, they are effectively immortal - no single natural disaster can make them extinct.

Anne ignored the persistant itch on her lower back - bugbites were a constant in life, pre- and post-Invasion.

Is that why the Skitters came to Earth? They picked up our broadcasts, watched tv show after show, movie after movie of plucky humans defeating all-powerful alien empires...

Her right fist clenched and uncurled before drawing blood. Her left foot curled within her shoe, then relaxed.

Bile rose a little in her throat as one last thought crossed her mind before fitful sleep found her: Did they come to Earth, thinking we would - could - kill them all? Is that what they want?
Tags: anne, anne glass, drabble, falling skies, falling skies fanfiction, moon bloodgood
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