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the Doctor Who finale tonight...

...had its high points. the first and best being a shout-out to The Brigadier!

Holy Roman Emperor Winston Churchill. You'd think he would have brought an end to the War of the Roses, wouldn't you?

query: given how much stress they placed on "but that was another reality", how can that Amy and Rory have any say in giving away River to be married?

Though I thought that the whole point of a fixed point in time was that the event could not ever be changed. Eternally unalterable. (Exhibit A being how much the TARDIS hates Jack Harkness)

And they kept saying that the Doctor's death was the fixed point...and then, shortly after the eleventh hour, the Doctor says that his attendance was the fixed point.
(though when the box was returned to the catacombs, part of me thought "is that the Master?")

during one commercial break, I entertained the notion that perhaps the Doctor's name has the power to call him forth, at least from death.

Question - does the Teselecta carry a supply of Time Lord vapors? you know, the sort that waft in all directions during a regeneration - and blasted out from the Doctor when we initially thought he was being killed at Lake Silencio.

(though I suspect we'll find that the Silence may have authority, but they aren't the ones at the top of the chain of command)

TBC quibble: How many of these arcs and cliffhangers depend on a play on words/pun that only works in English? "Doctor Who?" as Ian Chesterton once said.

Historical quibble: Cleopatra did not rule pyramid-builders! Khufu did! Cleopatra ruled temple-builders.
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