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NCIS fic: "Moments of Recovery"

Title: Moments of recovery.
Author: Keenir.
Written for: Littlesammy.
Prompt: Tony/Ziva, spy AU.
(007 insisted on being more than just an analogy, though)
Archive: AO3. To any others - If you archive this, let me know where, so I can read it there.
Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David,
Genre: Gen. Passing references to het.
Rating: PG-13.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters. They are the property of the fine actors who portray the characters, and also by the fine people who bring us NCIS.
Word Count: 1243.
Summary: Ziva and Tony banter and talk (with each other and with Agent Lee) while working together.
Note: In our history, the Soviet Union lost the Cold War in 1991. In the neighboring history this fic takes place in, the USSR won the Cold War.
also, shout-outs to Leverage and Enemy Mine. tried to get some Covert Affairs too.
Spoilers: Legend, Cloak, Dagger.
Tags: anthony dinozzo, au, ficathon, michelle lee, ncis, ncis fanfiction, pod, what if...?, ziva david
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