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thoughts on two recent Sanctuary episodes

first are two points which should be major, but they pale beside the (ego? mania?) Dr. Helen Magnus displays later in this post.

Oddly, IMDB doesn't list the lovely Sandrine Holt's role in Monsoon, the episode itself does list her in the opening credits.

In Untouchable, Helen slows down the gestation of Henry Foss' fiance...and then tells Henry that said fiance can't stay in Sanctuary because it won't be safe due to the upcoming war. I'm sorry, but if the Sanctuary network isn't safe, then where on Earth is safe for a pregnant werewolf?

And in the very next episode, Monsoon, makes me wonder if Magnus is only attracted to people who can kill large swaths of mankind - and as evidence, I present Jack the Ripper and Nikola Tesla the vampire

But compared to what I'm going to mention next, those are all small potatoes:
At the end of Untouchable, Helen said that she was cutting ties with the UN and everyone else because "The world is not ready for what's coming."

My response is "when is it ever ready?"
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