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New SPN ep: "slash fiction"

yes, that's the title my cable box gave this week's episode.

review as follows:

The scene where "Sam" and "Dean" were sitting in the diner and talking about Sam and Dean...does that qualify as meta? :)

I'm very glad to see the Sheriff is back!

(kinda puzzled why the writers picked we can have Borat jokes down the road?)

ah, conspiracy theorist...probably thinks the boys are as nuts as they now think he is. (though it makes me wonder, what happened in Huron Point)

but the part where one of the head Leviathans tells Crowley "if I wasn't busy with bigger and better things, I'd wipe your kind from the universe"...well, it raises two questions in my mind:

1) the Leviathans aren't going after God, are they? because surely if they have Castiel's memories, they know Lucifer already tried that. (although, as Baal once told SG1, "I said it was my plan, I never claimed it was original.")

...though, maybe they are going after the gods, instead.

2) are there demons where there are no humans?
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