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Hawaii Five-0: my thoughts on the early s2 episodes

from Ha'i'ole (2.01) through Ma'ema'e...

On the matter of Kono...
-I like how Kono got to have her own cases and stretch her wings.

-I don't like how, almost as soon as we find out Kono was undercover, her cover gets blown.
(to be fair, it didn't help that the head of IA personally went to Five-0 HQ to get her)

On the matter of Danny...
-I like how he's not going on and on about Rachel anymore. (except where contextually appropriate - like when a suspect/victim is divorced with a kid)

-Dr. Asano is smart and lovely. though we never found out what happened after the coffee date.

On the matter of Chin...
-Seriously? He still hasn't told anyone that, when he took the fall for his Uncle, it was Chin who got as far from Malia and everyone else as he could? Because if he had, why would Kono still think that Malia abandoned Chin at that hour of need?

-Though I imagine Chin's dates with Malia (back when Kono was in High School) must have been awkward.

On the matter of Lori...
-She seems to be, as Chin points out, a lot like McGarrett. If McGarrett wasn't so full of himself, always right, and a means to get the audience to laugh/chuckle more.

On the matter of Rachel...
-So she was willing last season to leave her husband to be with her ex; but when she finds that it's not Danny's baby she's pregnant with, she goes back to said husband? If I were step-Stan, I'd be more than a little worried.

On the matter of the writers...
-I like that they give more scenes to Fong and to Max.

-I wonder, however, if they forgot McGarrett has a sister. Because when Joe asked Steve if he was willing to "risk vs reward" in regards to the McGarrett family name, Steve said "I have to know." Like his sister wasn't important - or she just didn't get a vote. (this is a recurring theme with him, granted)

On the matter of Ma'ema'e...
- For those who feel that Fryer got what he deserved, we'll have to agree to disagree about if Fryer deserved it. right or wrong, he's correct that Steve's done the same stuff Fryer's done. (and Kono's correct that she's taking the same unilateralism that Chin took)

and given that it was immediately after the apprehending shooting of a rogue cop, Steve's punch looks even worse (how many folks there thought it was about Kono being undercover, and how many thought it was related to Delano's death?)

(remember, in s1, Steve sent Kono undercover when they thought the Governor's friends' daughters had been kidnapped for the sex trade)
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