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Primeval ficlet: "A view from the start"

Title: A view from the start. (takes place after ep 6)
Requested by: Green Wing (who asked for gen & Stephen)

Author: Keenir.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Explanation of the show’s paradox. Mentions of death after the death’s occurred.
Pairings: None.

Characters: Helen, Stephen…and Helen.
Spoilers: Episode 1 & 6.
Word Count: 552.

Disclaimer: not mine! I own none of them.
Short Summary: Two Helens come upon Stephen…as this is a PG-rated fic, all they do is tell him where the Anomalies really come from.

“Hello, Stephen.”



Stephen turned around, and saw another Helen standing behind him. “Isn’t it dangerous to have a Before and an After of yourself at the same point in time?”

“It is,” answered the Helen in front of him. ‘Fortunately, that’s not what we are.”

Holding up a hand, “Why don’t we sit down somewhere?” reaching for his mobile. That way I keep the pair of you in sight.

Both Helens agreed.


Each of them had a beer in one hand, seated at a table that’d been close at hand – McDonalds to the rescue. “Captain Ryan wasn’t the body Nick found in the Permian,” said Helen 1.

“Not initially,” said Helen 2.

“True,” she agreed.

“Then who was it?” Stephen asked, wondering what was taking the team so long to get here. “Nick perhaps?”

“No!” both answered vhelmently.

Helen 2 said, “It was the man who’d invented time travel.”

“Time travel is impossible,” Stephen said.

“Says the man who’s been chased by a gorgonopsid,” spoken with an amused grin.

“We need monogrammed sweaters,” said Helen 1.

“I’ll look into it,” Stephen said. “What I meant was that time travel via artificial means is impossible.” What was that name? Okay, word association…start with the name… C’mon, as often as Nick’d put her face on Department screensavers, it shouldn’t be so hard. Right, Lala Ward… which made the device a - “A TARDIS, for example.”
Helen 2 raised her eyebrows.

Helen 1 chugged down more beer. Setting the bottle down, “And the Anomalies are - you think – natural?”

“Yes,” Stephen said, stalling for time. Traffic can’t be that bad getting here.

“They aren’t. They’re what his time travel brought forth. That’s why I’m here - I had volunteered for the first foray through time. The Anomalies stranded me in a changed history.”

“How changed?” and does this have to do with Nick’s claims that a ‘Claudia Brown’ exists? Somehow, he suspected they were.

Helen 2 answered. “Before she left, there were no Anomalies. Think, Stephen! First and foremost, what change comes to mind?”

Stephen glommed on. “You never disappeared almost nine years ago.”


He spent a moment wondering what he was like in such a reality – was he still friends with Nick? had Helen come between them? – before asking, “Assuming you’re telling the truth, what’s the name of the man who invented this time machine - he might be able to help.” Helen did say it was a man responsible for it.

“He’s dead,” Helen 2 said.

“Are you sure? He hasn’t gone back in time yet, has he?”

Helen 1 told Stephen the inventor’s name… and he knew that name.

“That’s one of Connor’s friends,” Stephen said. “He died from something the dodos brought through.”



“Yes, Stephen, good. I’m trying to repair time, as much as I can.” Her wristwatch beeped, and the two Helens stood up. “I won’t say it wasn’t disappointing talking to you, Stephen, but our conversation won’t be advancing any further.”

“Why not?” he asked, part of his brain noting the busload of parishioners arriving for an after-church group lunch.

“Stephen!” Abby said.

About time. Stephen turned around to see the team coming over – and when he looked back, both Helens were gone.
The End

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