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Hawaii Five-0 flashfics...

this round has ended at H50-Flashfic, so now I'm linking to them:
(warning: some cultural hints, and Galactica reference)

Title: Thinking Apocalypse Tsimmes
Summary: "Rachel was right. I'm working during the apocalypse."
Tsimmes means "a making a major thing of a minor event; a fuss over nothing."(it also means carrots) --from A dictionary of Yiddish Slang and Idioms..


Title: The day after Ma'ema'e
Summary: Steve wonders if "I give you my word I'd shoot you before you took up a life of crime" was somehow the wrong thing to say.

--="--">Title:</b> The morning after the Kapu Incident
Summary: Gabby helps Danny with a temporary solution to his...problem.
Characters: Det. Daniel Williams, Dr. Gabrielle Asano .
Author's Note: This fic was already in my brain before I saw the new episode (Ka Iwi Kapu just gave it a location).

Title: Royal cop
Summary: "Technically speaking, Kono didn't need to dress up to be a princess, Chin said.

Title: The day after the aliens arrive
Summary: The aliens have landed, and Lori keeps talking about leather pants. And she's making Kono nervous.
note: okay, this might be the last one I do for this round. definately fun.
Tags: flashfiction, hawaii 5-0 fanfiction, hawaii five-0 fanfiction
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