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oh for goodness sake, Hawaii Five-0

The TvGuide/Cable Info says that McGarrett is going to North Korea to help Jenna Kaye pay a ransom to rebels who are holding her fiance hostage.

I don't know which part disturbs me more...
a) that North Korean rebels would shoot themselves in the foot by holding hostage a member of the US Government / US Military {Kaye's fiance}
b) that McGarrett is going to pay a ransom {hasn't he spent the last 2 1/2 seasons telling people to NOT pay ransoms?}
c) that when Steve and Jenna have a problem (as the previews suggest they will), the writers are throwing more oil on the fire by sending reinforcements in the form of Steve's old boss, and whomever the special guest of the week is. Heck, I'm sure North Korea would love to come to Steve's rescue (making him owe them one) while also dealing with those rebels.

Of course, one of White's lines in the preview doesn't inspire hope either - "either we'll come back with Steve, or we won't come back at all." (so what if Steve died while you were en route to North Korea?)
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