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Tonight's COVERT AFFAIRS was great

I very much enjoyed (and will talk a little about) tonight's episode which was What's the Frequency, Kenneth, a very good episode.

* I was a little wary of this ep, initially...I've heard of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was up to, but as Annie's dealt with MI6 before (s1 at least once, not counting when she and Jai were in England, weren't they?)

* on one hand, I don't like Parker. (as a Leverage fan, I never thought I'd say that sentance)

...on the other hand, it very well could work long-term with her and Auggie. when they had that "stranger things have happened...I could come back in two years and we can pick up again" talk, it sounded like she genuinely wanted to at least try to accomplish that.

* Nice to see things between Annie and Danielle improving.

...and interesting to see Danielle's face when she found out that Annie really does work at the Smithsonian.

* I suspect Arthur saw the handiwork of Jai's father in the revival of Ministry, and that was part of why Arthur helped the rescue. (and improving Jai's reputation, only further snubs Jai's dad - making it a win-win for Arthur)

* once everyone started looking at Bichri, I asked myself "wouldn't Bichri be a perfect cover? if his assistant(s) are the people helping terrorists, they've got their art-loving workaholic boss to shield them from scrutiny (because any scrutiny would be of Bichri)"

* either that's a wing of the Smithsonian I've never been in, or I've been too long since my last visit.

* idiot. the guy probably didn't even throw away his gun once he was imprisoned in the Museum.

* "She's a fool." "No, she's not. That's the problem." That bit of Joan's and Auggie's conversation, it made no sense to me. Could someone please explain/translate ?

* "If you ever need a double agent, call someone else." :D
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