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Highlander/SPN fic: "At the Counter"

Recipient: Griffndor.
Requested: "He wasn't an Elvis man, but he chose A18 on the jukebox anyway."

Title: At the counter.
Summary: What could Methos, Gabriel, Richie, and Atropos possibly talk about? (more than I thought they would)

warning: Leverage's Nate Ford snuck in a bit.
Disclaimer: I own none of them.
Location: at a roadside burger diner:

"Bold choice," Gabriel said to the man walking back from the jukebox.

"Sometimes you got to live a little," Richie replied, having picked a song by Elvis. A18.

Methos muttered something noncommittal into his beer.

"Absolutely," Loki said. "Stir things up, put some spice in people."

A stranger sitting nearby interjected: "See, what you got to do is control everything. That way, nobody can surprise you."

"That would be DULL," Loki said.

Nate Ford started to reply, but he got a call on his cell phone, and he had to leave, muttering something about Parker, Sterling, and wine.

"He isn't entirely wrong," said Fate on the other side of the counter.

"Oh puh-lease," Loki said.

In the dialect of Ancient Greek which Alcibades used, Methos asked her if she would ever smile at him again.

In the same tongue, Atropos told him where he could stick it. Beaurocratically, of course.

Loki laughed. "Some things never change, kid," he said to Methos. Immortals are those little things she and her Sisters never could stand - it was like Immortals' very existence mocked Them.

"Tis a great loss," Methos said neutrally.

"She probably would've let you have her wicked way with you...back when you were wiping out entire villages by the score."

"Like I said, loss."

"So you know about...?" Richie started to ask Loki.

Loki snorted. "More stuff than you'd ever think about shaking a stick at. And the stick. Useful things."


"Them too." To Methos, "You and your friends nearly qualified as honorary members of the Host." And it's intentionally hard to qualify - only Cortez and the First Emperor came anywhere close, aside from the Horsemen.

"Loss again," Methos said, not sounding in the least bit upset.

"All things end," Atropos reminded them. "The boy's smarter than you," she told Loki.

"SUCH a killjoy," Loki said. "Worse wet blanket than the Winchesters when they're trying - and believe me, they try me often."

"I know the feeling," Methos said. "So, how's the ladyfriend?"

"Still all hands."

"You're complaining?"

"I wasn't made to complain."

"True - you were made to do and to die."

"Unfailingly," Loki said. "Though she did mention that, had you come by, she could have saved your ladyfriend."

Alexa wouldn't have wanted that, Methos thought. "A kind offer," he said.

"He a friend of yours?" Richie asked Methos.

"The archangel Gabriel," Methos said. "We've met."

"Gabriel? Where's the horn?"

"Why is that always the first question?" Loki asked. "And Kali's using it right now."

"Inventively, no doubt," Methos said.

"You always did understand us."

Methos remembered what Kronos had once said, 'Riding out of the sun, knowing that their weapons and their gods are useless against you. That's what you were meant to be, Methos.' "Been there, done that."

"Took all the decent t-shirts," Loki said. "Love to stay and chat, but I have to hold some more hands, make sure nobody lets the apocalypse get jump-started," and he turned to head for the door, and was gone.

"Weird guy," Richie said, who knew some Immortals could do vanishing tricks. Noticing that the woman behind the counter was also gone, Richie asked Methos, "Who was he, really?"

"Loki," Methos said. "They let him out of his cave for good behavior."

"You're not gonna tell me, are you?"

the end
Tags: atropos, crossover, fate, gabriel, leverage, leverage fanfiction, loki, methos, nate, richie ryan, spn, supernatural, supernatural fanfiction
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