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Rome ficlet: "Stone proposition"

For: Griffndor.
Prompt: Rome - Vorenus/Pullo - You'd think after five years I'd know better.

Title: Stone proposition.
Summary: Pullo's got a business idea...which makes Vorenus unsettled.

POV: Lucius Vorenus.
Rating: PG-13


You would think that after five years, I would know better. You would not be wrong, simply mistaken. “What is it?” Vorenus asks Pullo over the second course of dinner.

“What’s what?” Pullo asks.

“Your latest scheme. What is it?” Stop vole-footing around whatever you are intending to say - you only do that when you think I’m going to regret something.

“It’s nothing major.”

“That’s what you said last year. Need I remind you the maid fled to Cybele’s temple?” And that was impressive, given that most of that goddess’ temples get shut down on account of the things that go in in those places.

“I remember,” Pullo said. “Okay, I got in on the ground floor of stone transport.”

Vorenus looked at him.

“I’m not joking.”

“I was afraid of that. Titus… Stone?” Vorenus asked.

Pullo nodded.

“For Oct- Augustus’ palaces?” as his friend’s patron had recently changed his official name. Augustus, nephew of the Divine Caesar.

Pullo shrugged. “I got a buddy who’s stationed down in Aegyptos. He sent me word that they’re tearing down a hilltop pyramid and the granite and limestone’s all been earmarked for shipment to Rome.”

Vorenus sighed. “You couldn’t have told me this before? You had to skulk around?” After five years, I also know better than to let Pullo run into things on his own. “Come here and tell me what I can do this late in the day.”

Pullo grinned.

the end

Historical note: the pyramid belonged to Djoser’s son. History Channel had a special about it.
Tags: pullo, rome, rome drabble, rome fanfiction, vorenus
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