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Yuletide recs, part 1

Some of this year's Yuletide recs I found at AO3:

Fandoms: Rizzoli & Isles, Cowboys & Aliens, In Plain Sight, Adventures of Sinbad, Grimm.

Rizzoli & Isles: That's what friends are for. Jane's not feeling well. Maura is entirely too perky. Jane's head wants to leave.

""Fine. Are you going to write me a note, Dr Isles?"

As suspected Maura didn't get the sarcasm, frowning as she thought it through. "Well, I'm the medical examiner, and your friend. I'm not sure of the ethics of that."

Cowboys & Aliens: Written in the stars. All roads lead to Rome. A good continuation from the film, handling the papered-over details very well.

“Wondered when you’d be back,” he says without looking up.

“People have a habit of thinking that about me.”

Adventures of Sinbad: Castaway</i>. Maeve. Introspection.

The harder part was keeping her magic exercised. Maeve could definitely see now why people were supposed to run mad on desert islands, there was both nothing to do and far too much to do. Too much effort to keep herself well fed and healthy and protected from the various animals that wanted to poison her in various ways. Not enough contact with anything that tested her mind. Unless you counted finding food and shelter testing your mind, and she didn't, not anymore.

Maeve was always my favorite on that show.

In Plain Sight: Huitlacoche. Two pairings, three people, no threesomes. Thinkythinky.

Taking the lid off the potato salad, Marshall saw another potential path. "Okay, I can do better than huitlacoche. It's about ribs."

Mary slid her rib container close to her body and looked at Marshall suspiciously. "This better not involve my lunch."

"I am not willing to lose body parts in order to make a point. I will not be coming between you and your ribs."


"No, really I'm fine for someone that woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. That's okay, I spent my morning doing a few of my favorite things."</i>

Grimm: Wagon. Monroe's recovering, Nick's trying to apologize for what happened to Hap, and then, well, remember that line in the Pilot about seeing red? It's in that fuzzy area where Gen meets Het and Pre-Slash and they... Fix clocks. yeah. ;) (okay, that's my worst description yet - just read the fic, you'll like it)

He goes home and hits his treadmill, and he runs so long and so hard that even for him he's pushing it. By the time he staggers to a halt his muscles are aching and his knees are wobbling and his lungs are struggling to keep up and he's sweating like a –

Yeah. Well. It's a little too soon to go there.


"What?" Nick says, blinking in honest surprise. "What's the matter?"

"You're, uh," Eddie says helplessly, and there's another reason he's glad the bench is between them, because while it is, Nick can't see that he's hard and therefore won't assume that maple syrup does it for him. "When you got dressed this morning, did you do it with your eyes closed?"

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