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saw Lost Girl, the series' pilot

Just saw the pilot episode of Lost Girl</i>, and I'm rather wondering if the SyFy Channel has staggered/delayed its airing of the series to be long after everyone else airs it (like BBC_America does with Primeval)...or if this is a different version/edition of the series (like what SyFy Channel did with Being Human)

The version I just saw, stars:
Anna Silk
Kris Holden-Ried
Ksenia Solo
K.C. Collins
Zoie Palmer
Rick Howland
Cle Bennett

...and guest starring Emanuelle Vaugier.

I quite enjoyed this pilot episode, though I don't doubt that consent issues could arise if and when Bo and the doctor get involved.

And was the other fae cop a Siren? a North Wind? Thunderbird?
Tags: episode review, lost girl, meta, thought
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