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Once upon a time...

...I was of two minds. I really like the characters and the way they talk with one another.

on the other hand, the heavy-handedness is getting tiring.

my thoughts on the episodes from 13 & 6 days ago...only now got a chance to view it (DVD hates me)

Gold's origin:

* the Mayor's grumblings are well-earned, Emma - you did appear to abandon her...and then, while she's hobbling, you just let go. (I bet you'd help Henry or Mary Margaret sit down)

* "Magic always comes with a price." NOW we know why Rumplestiltskin always repeats that phrase: because he learned the hard way.

* I wonder how long ago the Ogre-Wars were...might Baelfire be the ancestor of Snow White?

(which does have implications for Emma/Gold)

* Henry says Emma's election to Sheriff proves that good can win...except that, at least in this example, good won because evil let it win.

the twins:

EDIT: their dad's garage was barely scraping by as is...if he loses his job (juggling jobs and kids - which is very realistic, btw), does Storybrooke have social security checks?

* I'm really getting the impression that the show's writers do NOT like the foster care system.
If every single kid in the foster system emerged as scarred as Emma (or worse), the system would not have lasted this long.

EDIT prompted by a OUAT comm: I stand corrected: there is nothing good that comes out of the foster care system. SkyNet had the right idea.

* I also have a feeling Hansel succumbs to temptation far too easily. both in the Blind Witch's house, and in the Queen's castle.

* "just a name?" "I find that's generally all one needs." :D

* don't kids get to leave foster care at 16 years? starting to wonder if Emma was lying about meeting Henry's dad then, or if she was lying about giving birth at 18.

* Notice that Henry says he knows who the kids are because obviously there is only one story with siblings who are lost in the woods without their parents.

Wonder if he can explain why there are two blind witches, then.
(one in tonight's ep, one in i think the Pilot ep - she's the one who asks the Queen "will we be happy there?")

* I did have a feeling Emma wasn't being honest with Henry about his dad. (wonder if that's him pulling up on the motorbike)

Henry's dad is probably the reason why Emma gave birth in prison - and I don't just mean that in the sense of getting her pregnant.

and as for the final event in the episode...Most of me feels this is probably what happens: anyone who stops in Storybrooke, does so when Henry's not around...and they're probably on their way to somewhere else. (just stopping in for a bite to eat, maybe refil the car with petrol, etc)

as for tomorrow's brand-new episode:

So, it's okay to cheat on your wife, if you can't tell the difference between this life and a previous life, Charming? how "charming" of you.

Though it makes me wonder how many fairytale enemies are happy together in Storybrooke...but the corrolary is, when the walls come down, and everyone remembers who they really are, I bet there's gonna be A LOT of murders in town.
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