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"Unheard, unseen" (Alphas, Lost Girl crossover)

Title: "Unheard, unseen."
Chapter One, Chapter Two: we all have headaches.
Author: Keenir.
Fandoms: Alphas, Lost Girl.
Summary: We begin with the one thing Rachel cannot hear, and then it really gets strange.
Characters: Rachel, Nina, Hale, Lauren, the Ash,
Author's Note: This was just supposed to be a drabble.

Nina and Rachel and Hale all burst into the room at the same time - the Alphas from one door, the Siren from a door on the other side of the room.

"Where's -?" Rachel asked, looking around the room, and not seeing anything there. Not even a droplet of blood in the carpet. Not even a dent in the air conditioning vent.

"What is that?" Nina asked.

Rachel looked at her friend, confusion on her face.

"You don't...?" Nina asked Rachel.

She shook her head. "There's nothing there," Rachel said.

That hurts, Hale thought as he kept up the song he had been singing since the door went down. But at first, he could dismiss it as bravado - some humans lasted longer than others, and a few lied all the way through.

Nina looked at Hale, tried getting him to stop. "Rela- Take it- Calm d-" The song grabbed at your attention, interupted your thoughts, and rocked you to sleep. "You should sto-" Nina starts to say, then blinks and starts over. "I want you to -" "Stop riiii..." and she slumps forwards.

"Nina!" Rachel exclaims, dropping to Nina's side, trying to prop up her friend. She looks up at the whistling man. "Who are you?" Rachel asks him.

Hale stopped whistling and crouched, keeping at eye level with Rachel. "Could ask the same of you," he told her.

"I tossed her my badge, and she did the same," Hale said, standing in the Ash's office, recounting the events which had led to that baffling confrontation.

The Ash looked at him expectantly.

"According to that, she's a US Government employee with high access," Hale said. Too risky to let loose even with minders, too chancey to bend her to us. "Name of Rachel Pirzad."

"Could she be a hypnotist or a related profession?" the Ash asked.

Hale shook his head. "None of them last as long as she did." And as for the one whose ID said her name was Rachel, had been taken into Fae custody the same way Bo had been - same cloth bag for over the head, too.

"They're both human," Lauren said, standing by the door, ready to be dismissed at a moment's notice, and accustomed to exactly that. "I could run a more thorough check-up, just to be sure."

"Ascertain if that is required," the Ash told her. "Talk to one."

Lauren nodded.

"I will speak with this Rachel." He looked at Dyson and Hale and said, "While her motives were basic and benefactive, you will find out why Bo was informed of that building."


Rachel took the cloth off her head, and found herself in an office. She was sitting down.

As was the only other person in the room. "What can you do?" the Ash asked her.

Rachel didn't answer. For one, she had been trained not to answer things like that. For another, life as an Alpha had reinforced that habit. Not even the fact she wasn't tied or restrained in any way, swayed her.

Instead, Rachel listened, taking in the heavy rat-at-at-at-at-at of his heart, the sloshing of digestive juices in his stomach, the vanishing after-scent of something musky like a man who had been holding a wet dog for far too long - and the after-scent of the strange man she and Nina had confronted when - "Where is my friend?" Rachel asked.

"Under observation," the Ash said calmly. "As am I, I note."

"What?" Rachel asked.

"Do not feign ignorance, child," he warned her - it sounded as casual as a discussion of the weather or a recent comedy tv series, yet Rachel couldn't dismiss the feeling that it was a warning.

"Are you with Red Flag?" she asked.

His lips cracked a smile. "Should I be humbled by the conflating?"

"A simple yes or no would suffice."

"I am not part of this Red Flag. In advance of your ensuing questions, nor was the man who you encountered in that building."

You say, Rachel thought. To him, she said, "Whether he is or not, he mentioned something about a 'madbean' - any thoughts what he meant?"

"I know of whom he spoke," the Ash said. The Madbeansidhe is whom he was supposed to have apprehended there. It would prove disappointing should it turn out Bo was instrumental in her disappearance.

"So who are you?"

"I am the Ash."

Please don't tell me you create ash by burning down everything, Rachel thought plaintively. "Do I get a phone call?"

"Should I permit you one?" the Ash inquired.

"Do your plans change any, whether I call someone or not?" Rachel asked.

"That is more dependant upon whom you call, than if you call," the Ash said, enjoying the game with a human - it has been a long time.

"Do any result in my being let go with my friend?"

"That, itself depends more upon what the two of you would do upon being released."

Faint desperation started to come in, held back a while, "I don't suppose you'd let us go if we promise not to tell anyone," Rachel said.

"You will tell - Tell me now, two things, and I will let you both go," the Ash said. "First, your friend's attempt at swaying the man you met today...?"

Tags: alphas, alphas fanfiction, lost girl, lost girl fanfiction, rachel, rachel pirzad, the ash
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