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Movie Review: RED TAILS

I'd say "run, don't walk, to this film"...but that's horribly cliche and also unsafe. So, instead, please, see this movie. You'll enjoy it.

George Lucas says he's been working 20 years to get this movie made. I kinda wonder who the cast would have been 20 years ago.

That said, this film is a fine salute to the brave men of one of the most decorated airborne units the United States Military has put in planes. (and one with the lowest casualty rate - only 66 losses. and when your job is putting yourself between shooters and targets, that's an admirably low number)

Daniella Ruah {Kensi Blye, NCIS:LA} is in fine form in the film. (best portrayal of an Italian I've seen in a long long time)
although it's a sad certainty once he proposes...not because of race, but because this is a war movie. if this were a film about the Allied Forces fighting the War and rebuilding Europe, he might have lived. narrative demands. :(

I enjoyed seeing how many kinds of culture shock this movie contained. It's a nice bit of honesty - as unpleasant as race relations were back then, people like the bomber crews reward loyalty regardless of race...which probably threw the Airmen for a loop. and in the Stalag, if the film is an indication, being non-White was a bonus.
...and the Italian culture held an amusing bit of cold water. (I only know the Spanish word for it - duenna) "You want your mother to ride with us in the jeep?"

Side note: in an interview, George Lucas said this film is as close to an Episode Seven as he will ever make.. I'm fine with that. I much prefer the dogfights in this film, over those Six.

So go see this movie. Even if you don't cry, it'll get you right here, and you'll like it.
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