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"Unseen, unheard" chapter 2 (crossover: Lost Girl, Alphas)

Title: "Unheard, unseen."
Chapter One, Chapter Two: we all have headaches.
Author: Keenir.
Fandoms: Alphas, Lost Girl.
Chapter Summary: the problems raised by that confrontation, and what's going to happen.
Characters: Rachel, Nina, Gary, Bill, Hicks, Dr. Rosen, Hale, Lauren, the Ash, the Morrigan, Dyson, Bo, Kenzi,

"She's up with the porcelain god, spewing," Kenzi said to Dyson once he showed up at their door.

"Thanks for the warning," Dyson said, coming inside.

"Hey, just so... there wouldn't be a real porcelain god - is there?"

He shrugged. "Above my pay grade to know."

When he got to the bathroom, Dyson asked Bo, "Need a hand? Or an extra stomach?"

Bo held up one hand to keep him back. "I don't think I'm going to be able to eat for a week," she grumbled, then puked one last time before she could wobbly stand upright.

Dyron followed her to the couch, ready to catch her if she stumbled or fell or slid; the couch where Kenzi was waiting for them, perched like a hawk, or a gargoyle, or that Fidget he'd dated a year ago. "What happened?" Dyson asked.

"Alls I've gotten so far," Kenzi said, "is that two guys suprised her and the client; at one point, one of those guys threw a teak desk through a wall."

Bo nodded feebly. "Two walls. One-handed."

"Anyways, Bo jumps him and kisses his head. Thirty seconds later, she falls off and he does a Speedy Gonzalez, carrying his buddy and - for a few steps - our client."

"Fell off?" Dyson repeated.

"That's what I said!"

"Censored," Bo said.

"You know who they were?" Kenzi asked Dyson.

"No, but Hale and I encountered two of their friends elsewhere in the building, and brought them to the Ash."

"Aw, and here I thought I was special," Bo said.

"One of them is deaf to siren song."


Dyson nodded. "You should get presentable -- the Ash may want to question you about your involvement."

"Oh yippee," Bo muttered.


The Ash remained seated, eyeing closely the chair the now-departed Rachel had used. He had found her answers interesting yet incomplete. Hence his sending one of his fact-checkers with Rachel and Nina.

Rachel's chair still wore an after-image of her. Hopes, fears, dreams, terrors, the Ash noted, taking it all in.

"Enter," he said.

Lauren came into his office. I never have to knock - I'm about to, and he does that.

"Your findings, doctor?"

Staying by the door, "Anatomically, Nina's human. Psychologically, she was defensive."

"An understandable reaction to the misbelief she was the captive of her enemies," the Ash said, having felt like that when he was young.

Lauren nodded. "There was one thing - an odd ping in her brain." I didn't have enough time to run a scan. Not that that's something I - or anybody - can say.

The Ash inclined his head, making that allowance. "An avenue of pursuit for the future," he said.

"Yes," taking it.

"You have theories."

"It's possible that her hypnotic abilities stem from - or cause - a novel tissue or abnormality."

The Ash's head swiveled to glare in the direction of the door, and Lauren was afraid: When I was starting out here, I worried about how most of my choices of words would be interpretted...I haven't had to worry about 'abnormality' and such. What changed? Lauren wondered.

And the door opened once more, revealing the arrival of the Morrigan. Despite the near state of war, Lauren felt herself relax, knowing it wasn't herself the Ash was angry at.

To Lauren, the Morrigan said "Leave." Then, almost as a concession to the Ash, "Try not to play in traffic."

Lauren kept her eyes on her boss.

The Ash gave the faintest of nods - sufficient to dismiss Lauren from the room. He looked up at the Morrigan when Lauren walked out from his office. "Once more, you have entered uninvited," he said.

"Yet again, circumstances," the Morrigan replied.

"When do circumstances dictate to you?"

"When the circumstances are our superiors calling us to task."

The Ash nodded: that was a good reason to break a lifetime's habit. "Where will the summons place us?"

"Dead, if I, you, or Bo displease them."

"Naturally. And the location of the disciplinary?"

"I happen to know you'll love it," the Morrigan said with a smile.


"It's nowhere, Dr. Rosen," Gary said. "No caches, no uploads or downloads, no Youtube."

"It makes no sense," Dr. Rosen said. His testimony about the Alphas, about the prospect of an impending war, about the secret prisons for Alphas - it had vanished from the face of the Earth. "Who would do it?"

"Somebody who doesn't want you-know-who running Red Flag?" Hicks guessed.

"Which would mean he didn't kill all those who opposed him," Bill said, applying a cold compress to his head.

"Speaking us, how are you feeling, Bill?" Dr. Rosen asked.

"Like crap, still."

"Bill," Gary said.

"I know, I know, Gary, language."

"Yes, language. And bad language at that."

"It was weird," Hicks said. "We ambushed them - that suspected Red Flag and a friend... And the friend jumped on Bill, and... From where I was, doc, it looked like she planted a big wet one on Bill's head, and trying to suck out his brains."

"That's not possible," Gary said. "Also, language."

"No, Gary," Dr. Rosen said, "I believe Mr. Hicks was speaking figuratively."

"But he wasn't off by much," Bill said. "Whatever she was doing, it took a lot out of me. I was about to black out." I thought of Jeannie. "That's when she let go," sounding like she was throwing up.

"We got out of there fast," Hicks said. Bill's system was hyper-flight or whatever you call it. Though with how my back's feeling, I kinda think there was rebar in some of those walls.

"Without the suspect?" Sullivan asked from the doorway.

"We had her," Bill said.

"Just couldn't hold her - like a greased pig," Hicks said. "And that's not figurative, doc."

"Nina and Rachel are here," Gary said, watching the elevator cameras. "There's someone with them."

In the car, a little later...

Bo and Kenzi were in the car, being driven to the Ash's offices by Dyson, when his cell phone rang. "Dyson," he said, answering it. "No that's not good," Dyson agreed. "We'll be there," he said and hung up.

"If there's a problem, we got no problem walking back," Kenzi volunteered.

"No problem, not as such," Dyson said. "Just a change of plan and change of venue."

"If there's no problem..." Bo invited him to finish the sentance.

"Did the Ash, the Morrigan, or Trick tell you anything about the hierarchy of Fae society?"

"The Morrigan did. Said to think of her as local government."

Dyson nodded. "Well, you're not about to meet the Fae who are her and the Ash's boss -- you're going to be brought before their boss."

"What did I do?" Bo asked. "Does this have to do with the kappa, or the furies?"

"Not directly or entirely, no. But that doesn't make it a safe idea."

"C'mon, what's the worst they could do?" Kenzi asked.

"Eat you for a snack," Dyson said, not taking his eyes off the road.

"Don't worry, Kenzi, I won't let them eat you," Bo said.

"I wasn't talking to Kenzi," Dyson said.

"So there are Fae-eating Fae out there? Or is this just a consequence of my being unaffiliated?"

"They wouldn't care - affiliated, unaffiliated."

"Rank hath privledges," Kenzi said.

"Exactly," Dyson said.

"So how do I keep from getting eaten? Any tips?" Bo asked.

"Be deferential."

Kenzi snorted.

"Don't lie. And pray to them that they aren't angry."

"Pray to them?" Bo asked. "Figuratively speaking, right?"

"Or is that part of the appeal?" Kenzi asked. "Live long enough, kiss the right hands and butts, rise high enough in Fae society to be worshipped?"

"Makes the paperwork seem worthwhile," Dyson said.

I'm not sure if you're joking, Bo thought, and I'm not sure I want to know.

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