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three Being Human observations

Being Human {UK} has been picked up for another series!

And in regard to a recent episode of Being Human {US}, specifically I loathe you for sentimental reasons, three things come to mind:
* he may have missed a golden opportunity...with Suren's desire to get out from Mother's shadow, they could both have left and gone the way that, in canon, he went alone (until he started sharing a house with a werewolf and a ghost)
...though for Suren, it may have been genuine, or she might have gone on that diet with him, as part of her 40 years in the wilderness, en route to defeating Mother.

* I hope he doesn't think that, just because he isn't going to work with the rich kids (the purebloods), that those purebloods aren't going to try what he just suggested - the blood tests, the MRIs.
(granted, it might help him sleep better at night, if he tells himself he had nothing to do with them one day unlocking the wolf more than a day a month)
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