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You really have to feel sorry for Granger here. In more than one episode to date, when the NCIS:LA team finds out that a suspect's coworkers have been looking the other way during the suspect's questionable activities, or said coworkers actively hid or forgot to report things which would count against that suspect...the team never lets up until the coworkers realize what a wrong thing they did and agree to help the team arrest the suspect.

And yet the NCIS:LA team is acting exactly like those coworkers. From their perspective, they're trying to preserve unit cohesion. From Granger's perspective, they're sheltering a criminal.

More importantly, Kensi looks great here. Definately tanned. My question is, is this from her time in Hawaii (Hawaii Five-0 guest appearance), or from her time in Italy (Red Tails co-starring role) ?
Tags: daniella ruah, hawaii 5-0, kensi blye, ncis:la, red tails
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