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"Seeing Family" (Battlestar Galactica)

Title: Seeing Family.

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica.
Author: Keenir.

Written for: Green Wing.
Request: Battlestar Galactica, Gen, Lee Adama & Commander Adama; Something family, them spending a quiet moment together.
Rating: PG.
Warning: This takes place early in the first season, though after the Cylon attack on Caprica.
Spoilers: none in particular.

Summary: Mankind always has rituals. This is the Adamas’.

Tigh knew what day today was, and had banned his commanding officer from the Bridge and everywhere else of import. The ban would end when the day did. That was what a good friend Tigh was, and Saul Adama appreciated it.

It’s a catharsis, Commander Adama had always thought when he was growing up. Better that than madness. And, he noticed, it seemed that Lee had picked up that attitude as well. “Drink?” he asked Lee.

“Later,” Lee said, and returned to talking with his brother.

Saul nodded, and offered water to his wife.

The Adamas were not from one of the Colonies where calendars were arranged around the cycles of the moon or the sun. No, they were from the only Colony who used the eclipse to measure the passage of time.

The annual eclipse had always been the most spectacular.

And though many from their world had shed their beliefs about what the signifigance of eclipses were, the rituals and customs were harder to shake aside. Even the Adamas kept one tradition alive: once a year, when the grandest eclipse was breaking over their homeworld, they kept company with their dead relatives.

This means that they spoke words intended for those whom they knew were dead, and carried on as though the dead were with them right then and there. Spirits, ghosts, simalcrums – other Colonies had hordes of words for what they thought folks like the Adamas were involving themselves with…but the Adamas and their co-religionists didn’t need those words.

They used the names of those they saw and talked to and dealt with. Nothing grander than that, and yet there was nothing grander than that.

“I’m glad we’re doing this,” Lee said to his whole family, assembled there in the stateroom.

“As am I,” Saul said, echoed by his wife and their other son.
The End
Tags: battlestar galactica, battlestar galactica fanfiction
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