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Holy Cow, will OUAT do that?

I was watching the first two episodes of Missing (great show; you need to see it), and there is a commercial for the upcoming episode of Once upon a, when I read the description, I thought it was someone else entirely - but the clips leave no doubt in my mind: I had thought it would be the Mad Hatter (description: a man of magic, a flair for hats)...but clearly it's going to be the Cat In The Hat!

although...this might not be as "THIS will convince Emma (et al)" as they might hope...yes, the commercial said
Emma: "This is the real world."
Guy: "A real world."

...but whether its the Hatter or the Cat, a firm grasp of reality is not in the cards...unless their RLCharacter-self is nothing like their storytale-self.
Tags: episode, missing, once upon a time
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