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Hunger Games review

I initially wasn't sure if I would want to see The Hunger Games...given that the commercials seem to essentially be "cross-country gladiatorial games + tv interviews".

But I rather like the movie.

They had to deal with the fact that a lot of the book takes place in Katniss' head, with her narration...and they handled it well.

They showed a reasonable portrait of how, no matter what or how, people will form groups, teams, bands...the people they'll kill last. Very enemy of my enemy.

There are some moments when you go "o-kay..." early in the first half of the film...then you wonder halfway through (and later) if it was a red herring, or perhaps an insurance policy to keep her in the Game. And then you go "wait, really real?"

The ending is a bit abrupt, particularly with how Haymitch says they don't like being shown up...and I was expecting reprisals or Roman-style decimation of District 12...or something.
(but then, there's going to be a sequel)

The creatures were very interesting...the wasps and the (bear-dogs? running bears? either way, aren't they extinct?)

Though now I'm wondering...while the Hunger Games may have been started as a way to punish the much of business and culture in the Capitol now revolves around the Games?

Go see this movie. But not on an empty stomach.
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