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Hunger Games commentfic: "She called my name"

(fun commentfic ficathon)

title: She called my name.
Summary: Prim's thoughts during the Reaping scene.
rating: PG
POV: Prim's.
disclaimer: NOT MINE.
the commentfic entry.

"Primrose Everdeen." My name. That woman said my name. She said my name.

Everyone's backing away from me. I know why: she said my name. Nobody wants to be near me. She said my name and nobody wants to be near me.

Don't cry, I tell myself. Don't scream. This is not a nightmare. She said my name, said it in real awake I heard her say my name.

Walk, I make myself walk. Katniss would walk, so I walk. I am not as brave as my sister. I know that is true, everyone knows it is true. But she did say my name.

I leave my friends and start walking to the Peacekeepers. I walk because she said my name.

I'm glad she didn't say Katniss' name.
Tags: hunger games, hunger games fanfiction, the hunger games, the hunger games fanfiction
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