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Hunger Games question/pondering

Disclaimer: I've read parts of the first book, the first few chapters of the second, and none of the third; have seen the first movie.

that the commercials say "May the odds ever be in your favor" what my question's about:

Given how often the Capitol (and representatives of the Capitol) say "and may the odds ever be in your favor," its almost like they're rubbing an old wound.

If each district was a person, I'd visualize the War as 13 people turning on the 14th, and either saying "may the odds be in your favor" or a mocking variation thereof...then, when the 14th person wins and punishes the other 13, the phrase is sort of a Who's laughing now? sort of thing.

Seriously, 13 vs 1. (I've seen better odds on horses)...I keep trying to think of what sort of weapons it means the Capitol had and, unless something changed, still has.

what do you think?
Tags: discussion, hunger games, meta
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