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latest status update on my Big Bang fic

my back's killing me.

24922 words. (then subtracted some parts)
22240 words.
22547 words. (then subtracted from parenthetical multiple (choice/options), then added replacements)
22561 words. (then added the written-longhand work of today)
23150 words.
23352 words.

Grand total of words: 24665 words...and its still not done. *whimpers*

and the (incomplete) list of Sources:
Butterfly Men (poem by Zhuang Zi, Warring States Period).
Chimera (Classical Greek).
Clerics (Irish & Shaker tales).
Irene Adler (A Scandal In Bohemia; English).
King Midas (Classical Greek)
Mule Ears (King Midas & Pinochio).
Nixie (The Nixie of the Millpond; Grimm Brothers).
Queen Alice (Through the Looking Glass & Queen Alice; English).
River Demons (Jewish folk tale).
Romulus (Romulus and Remus; Roman origin tale).
Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon; American literature).
Shahrazad (1,001 Nights; Persian literature).
Sim Chung (Korean literature).
Sinuhe (The Tale of Sinuhe the Sailor; Ancient Egyptian).
Snark (The Hunting Of The Snark; English).
(?) {based on the proverb ‘When one’s word is law, one’s whim is equally binding.’}
Camel (‘The Camel, the Deer, and the Horse’; Mongolian literature)
Urashima (‘Urashima’ & ‘The Wife’s Portrait’; Japanese folktales)
Theory of evolution ({?}; poem by Erasmus Darwin; British literature)
Medina-Sarote (‘Valley of the Blind’; story by H.G.Wells)
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