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for the AUs...

For Captain91,
Dresden Files, school AU,
Connie Murphy comes from a long line of cops, so when she starts a detective agency to help her fellow students, nobody bats an eye.

But lately, many of Connie's cases come back to that mysterious orphan kid in some of her classes - one Harry Dresden - and a legal guardian few ever see, by the name of Bob.

But is Harry the reason why she isn't getting as much sleep these days? Did he have a hand in the deaths of his father and uncle? And did she really see Mai carried out of Harry's house?

Episode 4: Connihood
"Back away, Ivy!" Harry yelled at the Archive. I finally face a bad guy who doesn't have their secret base in a musty chemical-soaked basement... and instead, we're in one of her book repositories.
The Archive didn't budge, her forefinger and thumb remaining on opposite sides of Connie's face. "I was curious," Ivy said to Harry.
"Yeah?" Harry asked. "'Bout what? Its not like I write about her."
"That was what intrigued me. You follow her about like a man in thrall, yet you do not write or speak of your feelings for her."
"Seriously? That's it? You kidnapped Murphy, cast a spell of paralysis or whatnot on her... and all because I like her?"
"There's also my consideration," Ivy said.
Harry wasn't sure he liked the innocent way she said that.

This was basically going to be the analogue to the main series' The Boone Identity, in terms of its long-term effects on Murphy, as well as firmly establishing the bounds of what various characters - Bob the Skull, The Archive, etc - could do.

This episode was also part 1 of 2, the pair split on opposite ends of the mid-season break... Leaving fans unsure if Harry was going to be able to stop Ivy's clever plot, or if Connie was about to become the new repository for all human written-down knowledge.


For Awanderingbard,
Castle, Regency (Jane Austen),
Katherine Beckett is a consulting detective unofficially part of the British Empire's police forces, thanks to her own hard work - and the efforts of her father, who headed the Yard before he bowed out to retirement. She is, more often than not, sent out on cases with two other detectives on the fringes - emigrant's son Javier Esposito and Irishman Kevin Ryan - whose own pasts with military and police will unfold along with Beckett's own.

Then one day, Beckett is assigned to permit one Richard Castle to observe the goings-on of the investigations her career rides on. Richard Castle, the man who claims to know everyone, the man whose books are only outsold by authors who have been dead a century or more.

Over time, Katherine, Javier, and Kevin come to trust Richard. But the more Katherine learns, the more she begins to wonder if, perhaps, Richard is not the true author of the Castle books... and that his secret is truly scandalous.

Series Two finale: "and alls well...
"You ready?" Katherine asked her partners.
"Ready," Esposito said.
Ryan nodded, and the three of them entered the opened the door.
As the door was opening, Katherine privately hoped that they would find Richard sitting at the desk, hard at work on the novel he kept talking about.
"Alexis?" Katherine asked, for that was who was at the desk, in the middle of writing.
"Um...hi," Alexis said.

In this AU, the only conspiracy is that Rick Castle isn't the author he's reputed to be...he is both pen name and public face for the literary efforts of his daughter.

Granted, things might be a bit tougher for Alexis in this AU...her mother's an actor (which I don't think was reputable yet) and had run off (which was very unreputable).


meme: Top Five,

for gelbes_gilatier,
Top 5 female characters, all media:
Taizu (The Paladin, by CJ Cherryh)
Helen Cutter (Primeval)
Jago (the Foreigner series, by CJ Cherryh)
Parker (Leverage)
Tie - Vanessa James & Laura Cadman (Stargates Universe&Atlantis)
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