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SPN finale that was the finale? It was...interesting.

* Once again, Meg gets the good lines. And with what she puts up with, she deserves them.

* I liked seeing the negotiations...its one of those instances that shows the intelligence of the leviathans.

* When Susan mentioned "the arm"...I kinda half expected it to be the arm of God. (probably the one thing that could have stopped the weapon)

* "Where are you going, mouse?"

why did they let the Prophet live? did they put a sleeping leviathan in him, ready to take over if the need arises?

* To be honest, I expected "a God weapon" to be the one thing able to kill a leviathan. (you know, the One Ring logic - only its creator can unmake it)

But a look inside Purgatory is pretty good. (and this is certainly a way to one-up the times one of the brothers Winchester was trapped mentally or physically in Hell)
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